ECON 4050: Market Design

Economists are increasingly involved not just in studying but in designing practical market mechanisms. These include auctions to sell diamonds, timber, electricity, procurement contracts and radio spectrum; matching algorithms to assign students to schools, or candidates to jobs; as well as marketplaces and mechanisms to sell internet advertising, trade financial securities, or reward innovation. The field of market design studies how to construct rules for allocating resources or to structure successful marketplaces.
Prereqsites: ECON 3070
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ECON 7030: Microeconomic Theory 2

This is the second graduate course in microeconomic theory. It consists of two main parts: non-cooperative game theory and general equilibrium.
Prereqsites: ECON 7010
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ECON 4818: Introduction to Econometrics

The course provides undergraduate economics majors with an introduction to econometric theory and practice. It covers the multiple regression model and problems encountered in its application.
Prereqsites: ECON 3070 and ECON 3818
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